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LTMOOC Week 6: Course Completed!

I participated in a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for language teachers worldwide that focused on blended learning in the world language classroom. 

Last week I completed the course!


Scott and Ryan Rapp are the founders of a new company named Instreamia that provides an online tool for language learning. They made LTMOOC available to give language teachers (potential customers) the opportunity to try-out Instreamia, as well as increase the number of videos and exercises available through the platform.

During the six-week course, I prepared, uploaded and verified the Spanish and English lyrics for three music videos (listed below). I’d also like to go back in and upload some documentary pieces or cultural clips.

Maná – Vivir sin aire

Mocedades – Eres tú (1973)

En la granja de mi tío

I invite you to take a look at this platform (registration required). It’s authentic content with tools that help the learner, such as mouse-hovering to listen to pronunciation, view verb format description, and quizzes to monitor progress.

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